Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy has been modified based on experiences within and outside of education.

The core experiences that have shaped this philosophy come from my experiences as a woman, mother, educator in elementary and university settings, learning as a product of being a student and instructor in different educational systems. Some key themes that have affected my educator philosophy have been multiculturalism, social justice, my own curiosity about education as a system and ways to disrupt existing inequities to support student learning.

I believe that relationships are the drivers of learning and therefore I find ways to develop connections with each student in my classes. I also think that learning does not happen in a vacuum; so, we dialogue and interact with each other to learn. Student participation and engagement are therefore crucial in learning the content while supporting each other to develop our full authentic selves. Finally, students and I strive to create a safer space in our class community where each student is empowered to bring their full self and identity into the class.