About Sarita Shukla

Sarita Y. Shukla is a lecturer in the School of Educational Studies at the University of Washington-Bothell. After completing her teaching certification, Sarita taught in an elementary school in India. During this time, she noticed that students came with varied prior levels of social and academic experiences that affected their learning in the classroom.  She therefore grappled with questions of reaching ALL her students to meet their social, emotional, and academic needs. Her experiences as a teacher made her wonder about strategies for improving schooling experiences for all students.

She therefore got into a graduate program to understand the relations between socio-ecological contexts, praxis, and critical pedagogy more deeply. She graduated in 2012 from the University of Kentucky with a PhD in educational psychology.

Sarita has served as a mentor and facilitator teaching preservice teacher candidates in undergraduate, post-baccalaureate and Masters in Teaching program within the Woodring College of Education at Western Washington University.

In her current role as a lecturer at the University of Washington she is actively engaged in teaching, research, and service. Her research interests are at the intersection of parenting, culture, motivation, and student well-being. She emphasizes anti-oppressive pedagogy in her work with students and strives to create classroom communities wherein all students’ identities are welcomed, affirmed and sustained. Most recently her passions have expanded to include thinking about ways to incorporate the open web for pedagogical innovations in post-secondary education.

In the plethora of free time (that comes with her work :), she enjoys playing with her kids, biking, and reading multicultural literature.